Critical Information Summary
Europe Phone Card

Information About The Service

Description of The Service

Call europe Phone card is a prepaid phone card, which is used for making cheap international phone calls.  To use phone card, user first need to call to the phone card local access number. Local call, or std call or mobile phone charges will apply for calling to phone card’s local access number and are billed by consumers’ phone carrier. Customer need to confirm with their phone’s carrier regarding this cost, since its not billed by us, but it will be billed by consumer’s phone carrier.

Once connected to the phone card local access number, user need to key in phone card PIN, and then follow the recorded instruction to make the call.


Bundling Arrangement

not applicable.

Minimum Term

not applicable.


Information About Pricing

Minimum monthly charge

not applicable

Maximum monthly charge

not applicable

Early Termination Charge

There is no Early Termination Charge.


Charging for making an international phone Calls

Call europe card completes per minute calling rate is available from here.

All calls billed in period of three minutes

59 cents disconnection Fee

NO Service fee

NO Daily/Weekly Fee

NO Account Keeping fee

24 Hours Fixed Rates

Call Europe Calling Card credit expires 4 months after first use



Other Information

International Roaming Cost

not available.

Customer Service Contact Details


Complaint Handling

Information about complain handling is available from

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman is contactable at,
by telephone on 1800 062 058,

by facsimile on 1800 630 614,
by post at PO Box 276, Collins Street West, VIC, or in person at Level 3, 595 Collins Street, Melbourne.