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GoTalk Phone card

[Usage Instruction][Phone Card Description & Terms]

Go Talk Calling card Usage Instruction
Step 1: Dial Local access number
Please check with your local telephone service provider (eg. Telstra, iPrimus, Optus, AAPT, etc) to ensure the access numbers below are local calls from your telephone, otherwise additional charges may apply.
One convenient Australia wide access number: 1300 GOTALK (468 255). - NO SURCHARGE.
or 1800 776 464 (18c per min surcharge).

Step 2: Select language and enter your pin

Step 3: To make National call, dial area code + phone number + press #

or To make International call, dial 0011 +country code + area code + phone number + press #

To make additional calls without hanging, dial # # when the other party hangs up.


Gotalk Rates Highlight
  • 24 hours flat rates
  • No Connection fee
  • 4.5c per min. - Australia National call
  • 29.9c per min. - Australia-Mobile
  • 3.9c per min. - USA (Included Mobile), UK
  • 4.9c per min. - Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Singapore (Incl. Mobile), Spain, Sweden, Germany
  • 5.9c per min. - Belgium, China (Incl. Mobile), Denmark, France, Israel (Excl. Palestine), Netherlands, Austria, Norway, Switzerland, New Zealand
  • 6.9c per min. - Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Chile, Hong Kong-Mobile
Bonus Buy a $30 or $50 card and receive an extra 10% worth of value FREE !
Customer Service More/Other Information please call 1300 661 726
Rates Effective Rates correct as 13th May, 2009
Gotalk Calling card Terms and Conditions
  • Rates effective 13/05/09, rate subject to change without prior notice.
  • Calls originating from mobiles phones maybe charged by the mobile phone carrier.
  • All calls billed in three minutes period.
  • Rates advertised base on local access dialling, except national,local and calls to Australia Mobile which are based on dialing 1300 GOTALK (468 255).
  • A surcharge applies for calls made from satellite mobile phone.
  • UK Special and Premium Service (+445, +4470, +4471, +4472, +4484, +4487) charged at a higher rate and maybe blocked.
  • Expiry three months from first use.
  • Final call charges rounded up to the nearest five cents. A service fee will apply for all operator connected calls.
  • All phone cards rates GST inclusive
  • Not responsible for lost, stolen and unauthorized use. No cash refunds. Terms and conditions apply.
  • Rates show in $AUS per minute.



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