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How To Order


If you have never purchase a phone card from us, you will need to sign up a FREE account with us. It is totally FREE, and takes only a few minutes. After that, Please make a purchase up to  $10 worth prepaid phone card. For your first purchase we will send the PIN and activation code via Post mail to your home address. So please make sure that you fill in the correct mailing address when you sign up.  After you receive the activation code, please activate your code and you will be able to purchase up to $50 prepaid phone card/day and will get the PIN instantly in your email.

Please notice that we will not send you anything if you only sign up. You need to make your first purchase of $10 as well after you sign up then we will send you the pin and activation code by postmail.

3 Easy Steps to Buy a Calling Card at OZPREPAIDCARDS.COM.AU
Step 1.  USE the Rate Finder to find the best deal calling the country of your preference.

Step 2. Choose the prepaid calling card.

Step 3. Check out - For your first transaction, PIN and activation code will be sent to your home address . But for your next transaction, PINs will be printed on your screen and will be sent to your email instantly.


If you don't have a credit card, We can accept Cheque, money order and direct deposit to our bank account. But you still need to sign up as our member first before you can order your phone card.
Please notice that instant pin is only for payment by credit card. If you choose payment by direct deposit , transfer, cheque or money order, You will not get the pin instantly, but you will get your PIN once we receive your money in our bank account.

1. By Direct Deposit
  Please sign up as our member, then choose which phone card you want to purchase online in our website. When you finish, click on check out, then you can choose your payment type. Choose direct deposit/transfer then click on submit. The system will automatically email us now with your order detail.

Then please transfer the money to :
Bank Name= St.George Bank
BSB: 112 879
Account number: 121073441
Account name: OzPrepaidCards Pty Ltd
Please include your USER_ID  in your transfer description so we know that the transfer  is from you.

We will send the pin to your email as soon as we receive your money in our bank account.

2. By Cheque
  Please Send the Cheque to :
Oz Prepaid Cards Pty Ltd
Leighton Park Business Centre
45/51 Leighton Place
NSW 2077

and attached your name, address, OzMember UserID and which prepaid calling card's  you want inside the letter.
3. By Money Order
  Write on the money order paid to:
Oz Prepaid Cards Pty Ltd and attach your name, address, OzMember UserID and which prepaid calling card's  PIN you want inside the letter and post it to the following address:

Oz Prepaid Cards Pty Ltd
Leighton Park Business Centre
45/51 Leighton Place
NSW 2077













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