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 Closing Notice


Dear customer,

We would like to inform you that OzprepaidCards Pty Ltd will be closing down on 30 june 2018.

After 30 June 2018, You will not be able to use our phone card service and no transaction will be accepted.

Please notice that this ONLY apply to Our own phonecard:
- Honest Everywhere
- Kangaroo
- Koala
- 1300 Card
- Asia
- Call Europe
- Call to Africa
- Call to middle East
- Call to China
- Cricket India
- EasyCall
- Flexi
- Quality India
- Super India
- India Choice
- OzPrepaidCard

Other Phonecards purchased from our website, which is belong to other company, still can be used.

Thank you for all your past business and support.
We are very thankful and graceful in having you as our customer.

regards admin




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