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Instant PIN International phonecard , Instant Calling cards for sale with online PIN Delivery PhoneCards Local Access Number Availability
Australia phone card with online PIN Delivery  

Australia 1 ¢ 
Brazil 0.5 ¢ 
canada 0 ¢ 
China 0 ¢ 
France 0 ¢ 
Germany 0 ¢ 
Hong kong 0 ¢ 
India 0.5 ¢ 
Indonesia-Jakarta 0.5 ¢ 
Italy 0 ¢ 
Japan 0.5 ¢ 
Lebanon 1 ¢ 
Malaysia 0 ¢ 
New Zealand 0 ¢ 
Philippines 5 ¢ 
Russia 1 ¢ 
Singapore 0 ¢ 
South Africa 1.5 ¢ 
Korea-south 0.5 ¢ 
Taiwan 0 ¢ 
Thailand 0.3 ¢ 
UK 0 ¢ 
USA 0 ¢ 


 ** Out Of Stock **
** This promotion has been ended earlier **

Australian Phone cards July Special Promotion
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This Promotion only apply for these phone card which purchased from our website:
Daybreak, Green card, Say g day, Shout, Asia Gold, Ozcall, Talk tomato, and Hot Phonecard.
For a limited time only! until end of July 2009 or until sold out


How to Redeem your free Daybreak bonus cards?

1. Once you purchase above monthly special cards, Send email to
You need to put subject in your email as: "Redeem free phone card"
and also let us know :
your user id, when did you purchase, what card you purchase and how much is that purchase.
2. We will verify your purchase detail and will email you the free calling card pin.


 *Term and conditions:

  • Free Bonus stock daybreak cards will be sent to you by using $2 card of Daybreak.
    For example: You buy Green Card $10, we will send you 2 x $2 daybreak free card as bonus. If you buy Green Phonecard $20, we will send you 5x$2 Free daybreak cards.

  • $2 Free daybreak card Expire 30 Days from first used.

  • This free phone card expires if not first used by 1st of September 2009.

  • This promotion will be ended by 31st of July 2009 or could be earlier in case of no more stock left.

  • the latest day to claim your free is card is by 7th of August 2009.

  • For Usage instruction of Free Daybreak Phone card please check it from daybreak card





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