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Prepaid Phone Card Australia

05/12/08 Christmas Sale
05/11/08 CallingCards On sale for November
09/10/08 Koala Card 30% OFF
08/10/08 Calling Cards On Sale for October
03/09/08 Phone Cards On Sale for September
01/09/08 Saffron PhoneCards
25/08/08 2 Cheap PhoneCards
04/08/08 August Phone Cards Sale
02/08/08 3 New Prepaid Card
02/06/08 June Special Phone Card
16/05/08 4 New Cheap PhoneCard
03/03/08 Monthly Special PhoneCard March 2008
04/02/08 Monthly Special PhoneCard February 2008
30/01/08 No Hidden Fee PhoneCard 30% OFF
07/01/08 January 2008 Monthly Special PhoneCard
05/12/07 December 2007 Monthly Special PhoneCard
04/12/07 New Access number for Click, Click Africa, SweetTalk, South Asia,  MyWorld, NoBull
01/10/07 October 2007 Monthly Special PhoneCard
30/08/07 Say G day PhoneCard
01/08/07 August 2007 Monthly Special Cards
01/07/07 July 2007 Monthly Special Cards
29/06/07 Happy Calling card and RateSaver New Rate
28/06/07 Shout phonecard  New Rate
25/06/07 Genie and Pinoy New Rate
10/04/07 Super India phonecard
12/03/07 Ezy2call phonecard new rate
12/01/07 Supra phone card new rate
21/12/06 Season's Greeting
20/12/06 Hello middle east (new card)
10/10/06 Solution to Hotmail or yahoo email problem
10/10/06 6 new best quality phone card
04/10/06 October monthly special calling card  
01/10/06 New rate Gm vietnam,Gm Africa, India Xpress,C3
11/09/06 Rate update for Ring,day&night,another indian and supra
07/09/06 Rate update for good morning pakistan and australia
01/09/06 September  monthly special calling card
06/07/06 July  monthly special calling card  
05/06/06 June monthly special calling card  
19/05/06 Dinners club payment added
18/04/06 Estar card rate update
12/04/06 Lime and supra phone card rate change
05/04/06 Mr nice calling card rate change
02/03/06 Chat more card

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